Riposare in pace, cazzo ventosa.

Another utena reference in steven universe yessssssssssss



Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.

damn this justthis fukn does it for methis is gorgeous
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i spent all day watching exo’s first box!!1!11
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this is my dashboard rn
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i want to throw up when i think about the past and all the people that i used to be friends with and all the wrong things ive done and all the things ive said that i shouldnt have

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Loved the make up
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when i’m a rich+famous director i’m making a romeo and juliet movie where all the kids are gay girls. romeo? gay girl. juliet? gay girl. tybalt? angry protective gay girl. benvolio? small and soft gay girl. mercutio? the gayest girl to ever grace contemporary cinema 

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